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Spin Up a Splash Page in Minutes

With Candu, there’s no need to wait for dev to find time to create even a short splash page whenever a new feature gets released. Candu is complete with splash page examples that you can personalize to your heart’s content and promote new features the way you want. From simple to sophisticated, you determine the look and feel of your splash page for customers with a full range of Candu page components.

Highlight the Newest Creations

Don’t let new features go unnoticed. Create a custom splash page for each one, and give every new feature the attention it deserves. Use the Candu Styleguide to ensure uniform branding across each splash page, or use intuitive website controls to adjust individual elements. Candu accommodates even the fastest release schedules with drag and drop functionality that makes customizing splash pages a breeze.

Experiment and Improve

Vary your splash page design to test out new messaging and content formats to see what sticks. Then, adjust your content to perfection. Candu provides native analytics and user segmentation features to give you greater control over what content your users see and how they engage with it. And, like all Candu features, analytics and segmentation are quick and easy to set up.

use case

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