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Help customers achieve their business outcomes

Level up your homepage experience by showcasing key metrics and recommended next steps based on customer data. This removes any questions about the value users are getting from your platform and ensures they understand what next steps they should take to achieve more business outcomes. By using Candu’s personalization features - Variables and Segmentation - you can quickly create dynamic experiences that are tailored to users based on key differentiators that make sense for your product.

Drive Targeted User Engagement

Treat your dashboard as a new way of having a direct voice to your customers . Provide users with all of the relevant content & resources they need to be successful with your product throughout their activation journey and beyond. By centralizing accessibility to all of your key content and changing what is displayed based on key customer data points, you can make it as easy as possible for users to self-onboard and consistently level up their usage over time.

Scale your Customer Success team without increasing headcount

Launching a personalized in-app homepage experience is an effective product-led strategy for supporting an ever-growing customer base. Users can feel just as taken care of by a digital CSM living within your product, who they can access at any time that works for them. Candu empowers you to create these personalized experiences rather than stick with a one-size fits all approach and enables you to iterate and build on your creations over time, as you learn what messaging and content drives the most engagement and conversion.

use case

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Streamlining in-product learning is a game-changer for companies looking to achieve high levels of product adoption and customer-success.

Oren Raboy
Co-founder, CTO

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