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Convert more users

Grab attention for your posts with images that direct people to your best content, like case studies, how-tos, or interviews. Add a new dimension to your content with quality visuals and make your headlines stand out more against an interesting photo background. Inspire users to try your product with a posts photo grid that is explanatory or simply looks too good to miss. Insert, upload, and edit images in your related posts photo grid with an intuitive interface that you can use without coding a line.

Personalize your related posts photo grid

Leverage user traits to customize your posts photo grid. Guide users to different posts with photos that capture their interest and photos that introduce the post’s content. Create user segments and showcase the most relevant case studies and product recipes to users. It takes only minutes to build the user segments that you want to target, and create the perfect posts photo grid for each of them.

Test posts in the grid

Track which posts are attracting clicks, then modify them to improve the user experience. Get insight into which headlines, photos, and content work best and duplicate that success moving forward. Switch, delete, and update posts at will with just a few clicks. Candu’s built-in analytics makes optimizing your posts and images both simple and effective.

use case

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