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Why should you use this template?

Improve time to first value

Keep it simple by clearly defining the core activation steps that users need to complete to start achieving their business outcomes. This template prompts you to include 3-4 key steps so users are not overwhelmed with choice or complexity. To level up this experience, you can use Candu to personalize the content based on data you have captured such as user role, use case or plan type, to ensure the content and steps are as relevant as possible and drive the right desired outcomes for your users.

Drive continued feature adoption

There are always next steps users can be taking to get more value from your product, regardless of where they are at in their journey. Candu empowers you to capitalize on your customer data by creating different audiences so you can intuitively guide users to the most relevant resources & content such as specific features they have not yet adopted or services that have not engaged with. If users know the content is refreshed and updated in line with their progress & usage, they are more likely to engage with it and see your in-app experience as a valuable tool that helps to make them successful.

Create customer-first experiences that drive results

Learn what content drives the best results and get user feedback to understand what is and is not working. Use this data to fuel the creation of even better in-app experiences that cater to customer feedback and keep them excited each step of the way. As your product and customer base continues to grow, Candu empowers you to analyze, iterate and repeat, so that you can deliver new, updated and refreshed experiences to your users as frequently as needed.

use case

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You shouldn't have to ask your customers to leave your product to learn it. Providing education in-app is so much more effective.

Daniel Quick
Head of Customer Education

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