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Create Product Update Announcements

Make sure that users are informed when product updates occur. Candu’s product update template lets you release announcements and tutorials to alert users to changes, and help them get oriented. Candu provides a wide range of page components to deliver whatever resources users need to understand and enjoy product updates, from instructional images and videos to customer service and education links.

Customize a Product Release Template

Check out Candu’s template to get an idea of how you can communicate your product releases - or build your own in minutes with our drag and drop interface. After a product launch, catch users when they open your product to target them at just the right moment. Using Candu’s segments, all it takes is a few clicks to create a unique audience and deliver the relevant product update announcement.

Improve Feature Adoption

View detailed reports built into our product update template to see if users are adopting new features, and change your message to increase success. Once you’ve got the right user experience, simply apply your optimized product update template to subsequent product release announcements. Plus, if you’re interested in a deeper data dive, integrate with to visualize users’ engagement with Candu components in a third-party analytics provider like Amplitude or Mixpanel.

use case

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It’s so much easier to update our users on new releases, educate them on thought leadership, and drive product adoption.

Daniel Quick
VP of Learning Strategies

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