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Create Plans and Pricing

Select a membership plan template, then build your pricing plans in minutes to drive conversions and reduce churn. Candu’s pricing plan template lets you build what you need — no coding required. Save customer support resources and make sure that your users are informed with a clear pricing plan that’s powered by a great design. Candu will even automatically apply your brand’s styles to the pricing page for a seamless customer experience.

Customize Membership Plans and Packages

Design custom plans and pricing by client type to ensure that customers choose one that’s right for their needs. Want a change? No need to call up dev resources because Candu lets you revise pricing plans in an instant. Add new plans, delete old ones, improve the UX, change the layout – all is possible, and in only minutes. Drag, drop, and done!

Improve Your Pricing Plans Continuously

Analyze user behavior as customers choose plans, and view pricing plan conversion rates with built-in analytics. Candu’s pricing plan template lets you easily adjust membership plans and packages as you test features and pricing. Use segmentation to experiment with your product’s pricing for different audiences.

use case

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You shouldn't have to ask your customers to leave your product to learn it. Providing education in-app is so much more effective.

Daniel Quick
Head of Customer Education

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