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The Right News at the Right Time

Users not opening your emails? Target them with newsletter announcements that deliver your message when users are most receptive, inside of your app. Use Candu’s drag and drop functionality to build newsletter announcements with CTAs to increase engagement. Mix it up with eye-catching texts, images and video. Candu supplies a wide range of UI elements that let you build the ideal look and feel for newsletter announcements.

Target the Right Users

Keep your content fresh and relevant: once users have subscribed to your newsletter, hide newsletter announcements or replace them with other content. With Candu’s segmentation function you can define which users see what. Publishing something just for your “ideal customer profile”? Set up Segments so that only they receive the appropriate newsletter announcement.

Test Your Messaging

One CTA does not fit all. If you’re trying to get users to sign up for your newsletter, try different messages for different users to maximize conversions. With Candu’s in-built analytics, track how users interact with the variations of your newsletter announcements. Once you’ve found the optimal design, it takes only a few clicks to update the rest of your newsletter announcements for all of your users.

use case

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It’s so much easier to update our users on new releases, educate them on thought leadership, and drive product adoption.

Daniel Quick
VP of Learning Strategies

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