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Engage users

Share next steps, best practices and more with a news feed. News feeds help users discover and engage with your brand’s best content. Maximize interactions and conversions by keeping users up to date with everything that’s new and important about your product, company, and market. Make frequent news feed releases a part of your regular marketing activities to increase awareness and reduce churn. Start off with Candu’s news feed template or make one from scratch.

Personalize your news feed

Share the most relevant content with users by segmenting your audience and content. With Candu, you can build different user segments and match content to them, so users get only the most relevant information. Leverage customer role, industry, and even their progress inside your app to dynamically display the most relevant content. Adjust your news feed to different user plans and give your best clients the VIP treatment with information and recommendations that are specific to their needs.

Measure the most engaging content

Use built-in analytics to track which content your users engage with. Is it best practice articles, or case studies? Find out how your news feed content performs with users by measuring views and clicks. Make your content creation more efficient by uploading more of what is working and deleting non-starters.

use case

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Streamlining in-product learning is a game-changer for companies looking to achieve high levels of product adoption and customer-success.

Oren Raboy
Co-founder, CTO

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