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Create Knowledge Base Articles and Get Feedback with MailChimp

Candu’s knowledge base article template allows you to embed support content in context, and help users in their moment of need. Embed the format of your choice to make your knowledge base articles more informative and interesting. Within minutes, embed images, video, external links, and more using Candu’s drag and drop interface. Plus, with Mailchimp’s integration feedback integration, you can request user’s input whether your content was helpful or not.

Customize Knowledge Base Examples

When new features come out, the best place to keep users informed is in the app itself. Update your help content as quickly as you ship with an easy-to-personalize, ready to use sample knowledge base template from Candu, or build your own from the ground up, all without inputting a line of code.

Improve Your Contextual Knowledge Base Articles

Help your customers get more from your product with relevant knowledge base articles, and reduce your customer support burden with easy-to-update help content. Keep track of which articles are being used and which don’t seem to have any traction so that you can optimize the content you share in-app. Candu’s native analytics enable you to understand user preferences and interactions so that you can repeat the success of your most popular knowledge base articles.

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This helps users take ownership of their onboarding, and track their progress to becoming power users.

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