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See results at a glance

Improve the way ROI is demonstrated to customers by showing key success metrics within your product. Tailor the metrics displayed by product plan so customers only see what is relevant to them. Use Candu’s build in analytics to understand how users interact with content, connect to the dashboard and start seeing results.

Stay on track

Push your product usage data into Candu to showcase benchmark scored. This is accomplished in only takes a few clicks with Candu’s Segment integration! Help customers understand where they stand, areas to improve on, and then see results. Providing this self-serve approach is a great way to help customers grow adoption of their product quickly and with less resources. Candu integrates with leading third-party analysis software providers so the data is consistent across all platforms.

Find the right metrics

Learn what is moving the needle and change out top metrics with the click of a button. Experiment and see what is resolving blockers and paving the way to growth. Start off with Candu’s Key Metrics template then use the drag and editor to easily add or adjust metrics as the feature set grows.

use case

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This helps users take ownership of their onboarding, and track their progress to becoming power users.

Brittany Lockwood
Customer Enablement

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