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Build a signup form for Hubspot newsletters

User the Hubspot newsletter signup integration to grow your email list. It is super simple and fast, no matter if you’re adding the form to a website, blog, or app. Just choose the elements you want from Candu’s editor menu to build the page element, then you’re ready to drop in the Hubspot newsletter signup form. You can now add this sign-up form to any part of your website or app, and catch users at the right time to sign-up to your newsletter.

Make customized newsletter signup forms

If you have different newsletter content according to user type, Candu lets you channel the right communication to the right people. Presenting the most relevant newsletters to different user groups increases the chances of newsletter form signups. All it takes is a few clicks to define user segments, a function that is available for every Candu template. Segment categories include user role, usage pattern, and payment plan.

Measure newsletter signup form performance

Don’t work in the dark! Use Candu’s native analytics, which provide information about when and where users are clicking away in their journey, to keep track of Hubspot newsletter signup form engagement. If you aren’t seeing the results you want, Candu allows you to analyze where something might be amiss, while changes can be made immediately with simple no-code functionality.

use case

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The value in a product isn’t in building it, but in getting it into the hands of customers. We wanted to design something that will draw people’s attention at the right time, in the right context.

Ming Lu
Head of Product

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