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Learn from Users with a Typeform Survey

Prompt users to fill a survey or provide their feedback. Find out how your product is meeting user expectations and learn more about what they need. With the Candu Typeform integration you can maximize your response rates by embedding your surveys and feedback cards directly inside your product. This way users are more likely to see your requests for surveys and feedback . Customize Candu’s survey and feedback template, or construct your own from scratch – building a new version takes only a few minutes. As a plus, surveys can boost user engagement because they signal to users that you are listening and care about their opinion.

Personalize survey or feedback form cards

Decide whether or not to show the card to key accounts. Or show different cards to different users based on their profiles, like company role. Every survey and feedback card template is already furnished with a segmentation function. With a few clicks, define your desired segments to easily control which users see which cards.

Test survey or feedback form card copy

Some users will respond to survey or feedback requests, some will not. Track user engagement and then test different messaging to learn what users respond to. Candu supplies every survey and feedback template with native analytics that provide data to assess how users are interacting with the card. Discover at what point users lose interest or get confused in order to reformat the card or its elements, and increase the chances of engagement.

use case

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