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Add Google Maps to website or app

Google Maps integration is essential for any enterprise that depends on location; use it to display your company’s address or any pick-up/drop points for your users. Embedding maps is a great way to help users navigate to either meet you face-to-face, or find where they need to receive or drop off any item. Candu makes it easy to embed Google Maps with just a few clicks, using a simple and intuitive interface.

Personalize your locations

Have different users in different geographies? Should your maps change according to a user’s profile? Show regional offices dynamically based on the user’s location. Every Candu template comes complete with segmentation functions that you can adjust according to a number of variables, including location. Make sure that users end up in the right spot by personalizing the maps they see on your website or app.

Measure how many users engage with your Maps location

Analyze how many users view your Google Maps location and whether they engage with it. Candu has built-in analysis features that indicate the effectiveness of your maps integration so that you can make changes to the Google Maps template. Data generated by Candu can suggest changing the screen on which maps are located, the menu that accompanies them, and other features that are easily adjusted with the drag and drop interface.

use case

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