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Create Customer Onboarding Survey

Candu’s customer onboarding surveys let you tap into the experience of users and get their opinions of your onboarding experience. As you gain more knowledge, update survey questions with Candu’s easy-to-use template, and get to know exactly how you can improve the onboarding process. Implementing changes can be performed without coding a line, and by the team members who are closest to the customers.

Customize Your Customer Onboarding Survey

Not every customer gets access to the same features, so avoid irrelevant onboarding survey questions with Candu’s native segmentation features. Build customer onboarding surveys according to user type and get important onboarding information from your most valuable clients. It takes only a few clicks in Candu to define a user segment, channel content to it, and analyze responses.Revising the customer onboarding survey for new features is a cinch with Candu’s drag and drop fields.

Improve Customer Engagement

Increase participation and completion with a highlighted CTA embedded on any web app that is automatically rendered for your branding. Not seeing the response you expected? Use Candu’s built-in analytics to figure out where customers are losing interest or getting lost, and set up a new path to your survey with just a few clicks.

use case

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Our use cases range from improving onboarding to creating custom content for strategic accounts. Candu will materially change the way our enterprise customers view us.

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