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Move Your Meeting Notes Format to Your App

Move customer meetings forward with a meeting notes template that covers all the bases. Drop notes from your meetings into a customer dashboard and keep users in your product. Begin with one of our good-to-go templates, or build your own from the ground up. Include various media types in your customer meeting notes to make sure that all of your shared conversations and goals are crystal clear, and that clarifications are only a click away.

Customize Meeting Notes Samples

Personalize your meeting notes template with action items, and publish customer meeting notes to your app in real time. Help your customers succeed, and make meeting notes a regular best practice for your organization. With Candu’s drag and drop interface, adjusting a meeting notes template takes just a few moments.

Make Your Customer Meetings Notes Matter

Candu’s customer meeting notes template helps your clients hit their goals on time, with better, more efficient meeting follow-ups. Equip your meeting notes template with interactive CTAs that you can track in Candu. Ensure that your customers’ tasks, goals, and ownership items are up to date by giving your team access to Candu, so they can make updates on the fly.

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This helps users take ownership of their onboarding, and track their progress to becoming power users.

Brittany Lockwood
Customer Enablement

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