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Create Case Studies in Minutes

Start with a case study template to share customer stories in your product. Moving social proof in-app means that customers see case studies when they’re already engaged with your product, so they can understand its value. Got an amazing new client story? Highlight it in the app for immediate attention. You can also lead users to discover additional material by inserting CTAs that lead to your other case studies.

Customize Your Case Study Template

Segment your audience and create variants to show the right case study to the right users. A customizable case study template lets you target customers with only the most relevant content. Use one of Candu’s ready to go designs, or build one from scratch. With the drag and drop interface, anyone can create a fully personalized case study--no developer needed.

Analyze & Improve Your Content

Which case studies do your users respond to, and which move them deeper into your product? What formats do they like? Do they interact with your videos, links, and CTAs? View click-through data with powerful analytics built into Candu’s case study template so that you can continually iterate and improve. Plus, it takes just a few minutes to implement with Candu’s no-code interface.

use case

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This helps users take ownership of their onboarding, and track their progress to becoming power users.

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