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Convert prospects and upsell existing users

Build trust with website visitors by directing them to case studies. Upsell to existing users by emphasizing case studies with features that require upgrading. Get started right away with a ready-to-go case study card template that displays customer stories directly in your product. If you’ve got a new case study to show off, simply highlight it in the card and users will notice it immediately.

Personalize Your Case Study Cards

Direct users to the most relevant case studies based on profile details such as role or industry. With Candu’s automated personalization function, it takes only seconds to segment your audience so that the right case study is read by the right users. Make the creation of case studies more efficient by building them according to your customer Segments. Group your case studies in the card according to the topic which appeals most to a certain Segment, and get more follow-up reads.

Test Case Studies

Track response and conversion rates for your case studies, then modify the content to optimize the user experience. Candu’s built-in analytics can answer your questions about which case studies resonate the most. Use Candu to figure out which case study card layouts get the most clicks, and which content is the most popular.

use case

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The value in a product isn’t in building it, but in getting it into the hands of customers. We wanted to design something that will draw people’s attention at the right time, in the right context.

Ming Lu
Head of Product

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