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Make your best content more accessible

There’s no doubt you have created lots of great content to help enable and support your users but sometimes it can be difficult for users to access and find this content when they need it the most. Why your surface your top help article categories, blog posts or video playlists, in your product to make it as easy and quick as possible for your users to access these key resources that power self-serve onboarding and continued learning and adoption.

Improve engagement in your community

Help your community members find the most relevant discussion groups or threads by adding clear category cards to your homepage. Don’t rely on users searching or filtering to fijnd what they need - surface the relevant content from them to ensure your community experience is an engaging one.

Personalize your learning experience for different users

Different users have different needs depending on things like plan or product type and user journey phase. Using Candu’s Segmentation, you can switch out the content displayed for different users so you can surface the most relevant resources. As an example you could highlight your top getting started articles for new users and switch out for more advanced feature information for activated users!

use case

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The value in a product isn’t in building it, but in getting it into the hands of customers. We wanted to design something that will draw people’s attention at the right time, in the right context.

Ming Lu
Head of Product

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