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Create a Calendly calendar and embed it inside your app or website

Make it easy for users to book a time with your team. Candu’s Calendly integration allows users to select a time for a call to be able to learn more about your product. Eliminate the need for users to find contact information or disrupt the customer journey. Candu’s intuitive interface lets you place “Book a Demo'' calendars in the most relevant locations throughout your app or website.

Personalize your Calendar bookings

Different people require different levels of support. Is it the CTO of a company or a product manager who has signed up? With Calendly calendar integration and Candu’s personalization functions, it’s easy to show different calendar bookings based on user persona. Every “Book a Demo'' template comes complete with built-in segmentation settings that enable quick and flexible adjustments of the information displayed to different users.

Measure the performance of your Calendly embed

See how many people view your Calendly calendar, and how many engage with it. Through Candu’s native analytics, Calendly integrations can be reviewed to understand if any adjustments are needed. Test your CTAs to maximize the number of booked appointments, experiment with different texts to determine the best messaging, and mix up your Book a Demo form placement within the app or website to see where it gets the most engagement.

use case

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The value in a product isn’t in building it, but in getting it into the hands of customers. We wanted to design something that will draw people’s attention at the right time, in the right context.

Ming Lu
Head of Product

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