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Increase sales, improve onboarding

“Book a demo” cards can be used for both customer onboarding and sales. Place the cards strategically to get more users to schedule phone calls with your support and sales teams. Make it easy to book a demo with cards that are optimized for UI/UX – start with a Candu template or build and refine your own. No matter which demo booking card template you choose, customizing and branding it is simple and fast.

Target key accounts

Target key accounts with a demo booking card. Use Candu’s native user segmentation feature to identify qualified accounts, and showcase CTAs specifically for them – it takes literally moments to define and deploy a variety of segments. Get your support people on the road to building productive relationships by highlighting “book a demo” cards. Whether it’s for onboarding or to explain a new product feature, intuitive demo booking cards will maximize adoption and customer satisfaction rates.

Track performance of CTAs

Different users will respond to different CTAs. Employ different designs and measure their performance with Candu’s built-in analytics. Then, based on the results, optimize your demo booking card messaging. Candu’s drag and drop interface and wide selection of page elements enable you to insert all kinds of tools that will promote completion of the demo booking card.

use case

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