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Showcase all of your integrations

Integrations are always being added. Candu can help you to quickly append your newest integrations and provide users with context on their benefits. Don’t let integrations remain unknown and unused somewhere in your app. Leverage Candu’s embedded components - videos, how-to guides, support, and more – as a way to explain why new integrations are important and how they work. This offers users a seamless experience, as well as illustrating the power of your app. Plus, Candu’s drag and drop interface lets you easily update your integrations marketplace in minutes.

Personalize the integrations you show

Based on the use case of your customers, you can personalize which integrations you display. Candu segmentation to define customers and match content to them. You can segment customers according to role, industry, payment plan, and other factors. It only takes a few clicks to build user groups and determine the content that they see. Channel the right integrations to your groups, and avoid distracting users with integrations that are irrelevant to them.

Discover the integrations with the most interest

Some integrations will be more popular than others. Track which ones are the most engaging, and then change which integrations you display to optimize your users’ experience. Candu comes with built-in analytics to see how users engage with your content, so you can track which integrations are performing best for each user segment.

use case

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Streamlining in-product learning is a game-changer for companies looking to achieve high levels of product adoption and customer-success.

Oren Raboy
Co-founder, CTO

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