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Provide users with key updates without interruption

As your product evolves and your data processes change, you need to update your privacy policy and communicate these changes to your users. Candu helps you to do this in a clear, non-disruptive way by allowing you to embed a dismissible alert within your product. This allows you to give your users a heads up about any changes & direct them to the relevant updates all without interrupting their in-app experience.

Level up your communication strategy

It is best practice to communicate Privacy Policy updates to users and is often mandatory to stay compliant with legal requirements. Why not complement your email outreach with an in-app announcement to increase the chance of your users viewing and engaging with these key updates. Communicating across more than one medium also helps you to demonstrate that your business cares about the privacy of its users and is transparent with changes.

Schedule updates in advance

Using Candu’s Segmentation tool, you can schedule any upcoming in-app announcements in advance to make sure your users get the information they need at the right time, and give you the peace of mind that everything is ready to go in line with your internal deadlines. You can also schedule a cadence of alert banners to go out at different times; for example giving users a heads up that changes are coming or issuing a reminder about changes to those that have not viewed more information.

use case

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It’s so much easier to update our users on new releases, educate them on thought leadership, and drive product adoption.

Daniel Quick
VP of Learning Strategies

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