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Discover an easier way to build, test, and iterate without slowing down your product’s growth.

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Candu allowed us to quickly experiment with an onboarding checklist for our users which was quick and easy to build. The Candu editor was easy to use, which made it efficient for our designers to create directly on Candu without consuming engineering bandwidth.

Khizar Hamid
Head of Product & Design

have deleted an app they didn’t know how to use


watched a video to understand how to use a new product


think video is an effective onboarding tool

Four simple steps

How Growth Teams use Candu

Design and test experiments in minutes, right in your product’s UI.

growth teamsHow it Works

See exactly what your prospects will see before it goes live.

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Identify and track growth opportunities in real time.

How it Works

Use the data to improve your content on the fly.

How it Works

What Candu can do

Run experiments

Candu makes it quick and easy to create UI variants that customers love without writing a single line of code. That means you can test unique user experiences throughout the user journey to see what drives activation and conversion and what needs to go.

Drive user engagement

In-app feature announcements and release notes let you communicate with customers when they’re already engaged with your product and ready to hear what you have to say.

Break free from developers

Candu’s no-code editor means you can build what you need without asking for help. No more waiting on developers to do your bidding. Just drag, drop, and done!

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