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User Onboarding

User Onboarding


What is onboarding in UX?

Onboarding UX is the design of the user onboarding experience. It creates a flow that guides users through product introduction, education, setup, and continued use.

Why is user onboarding important?

Being dropped directly into a new product without direction is overwhelming. User onboarding replaces a blank slate with a warm welcome and some hand holding, taking users through the first steps of the adoption process by showing them not only how to use your product but why they should be using it.

How can you improve user onboarding?

As an expert user, be sure to take a step back to design for your product in the empty state that new users see.  Create a simple onboarding flow that helps you understand the full customer journey and allows you to measure success.  Finally, make the experience simple and fun for users with intuitive default settings, gamification, and helpful cross-channel follow up.