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Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes


What should be included in a meeting note?

The format of a meeting note can vary by organization, but they all generally include:

  • Date and time of meeting
  • Attendees
  • Follow ups to past meeting items
  • Decisions made for each agenda item
  • Any voting results
  • Next steps to be taken
  • Date and time of the next meeting

How do you write a meeting note?

To write effective meeting notes, first understand the meeting agenda and then take careful notes. Review your notes as soon as possible after the meeting, and draft your meeting note from scratch according to the above format, or fill in a customizable template.

What are the minutes of a meeting?

The minutes of a meeting are a written summary of the meeting. Minutes usually include the purpose of the meeting and a description of any decisions made, as well as the date and time of the meeting and a list of attendees.

What is the difference between meeting notes and minutes?

While meeting notes and minutes both refer to a summary of a meeting’s who, what, and when, a meeting note is typically an informal report, and meeting minutes are a more formal record.