How engineers use no-code tools in SaaS tech stacks to improve efficiency

December 16, 2021 9:00 AM


Stepan Zastupov
Senior Software Engineer


Stepan is a Senior Software Engineer at Candu, focusing on front-end product experience and SDK.

For over 14 years, he’s specialized in product engineering. Stepan brings a passion for impactful software development to every project. His primary leadership goal: helping others develop a solid understanding of technology and the development process. He personally strives to stay educated on technology advancements, including cutting-edge SaaS delivery. 

Join us to learn how Stepan and the team integrate Candu’s no-code UI component builder into their workflows and find out how you can improve your team’s efficiency by adding no-code tools to your tech stack.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How no-code tools can reduce cycle times and speed up release delivery by empowering non-technical teams to manage their UI components. (Working example included.)
  • Best practices for aligning cross-functional teams across a project even when using different systems (e.g., JIRA and Asana). 
  • When to apply hard-code vs. no-code elements.

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