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Drive Attention & Attendance

Webinar announcements are easy to create and let you call attention to your most important educational events. Make an eye-catching webinar announcement in minutes with just a few drag and drop page components. Virtually all webinar announcement functions can be handled inside your product: help your users discover events, get them signed up, provide FAQs, and link to related resources, all with a layout that you build and publish in Candu.

Update Details on the Fly

No need to get developers involved to broadcast and update webinar events. With Candu, you can revise event details in seconds to add new guest speakers or highlight a rotating set of content. Plus, when it’s easy to modify, it’s easy to test. Candu’s webinar announcement templates allow you to evaluate CTA interactions and see what drives conversions. Do this all inside Candu’s in-built analytics engine.

Share a Recap ASAP

Answer the question “will this be recorded?” within moments of completing your webinar by simply changing your announcement bar. Make it easy for users to find and view content, and perform post-event actions. Candu even lets you add other media such as images, audio, and video to make memorable summaries and highlight outstanding moments from the event.

use case

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It’s so much easier to update our users on new releases, educate them on thought leadership, and drive product adoption.

Daniel Quick
VP of Learning Strategies

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