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Embed Google Slides right inside your app or website

For sales, onboarding, and generally making the best use of the right content, Google Slides integration can be a powerful tool. Now, Candu lets you drop those slides wherever you want in your app or website. Google Slides integration is a simple matter of picking a screen and inserting a Candu element. No more clicking away to a third-party site; keep your users engaged and in one place by including an important slide deck that can serve many purposes.

Personalize the Google Slides you share

Different users can benefit from different sets of slides. Personalize your integration of Google Slides presentations according to use case, user persona, and other traits. It’s all done through the segmentation functions that come with every Candu template. It takes only moments to set up the segments you want so that various user types get the maximum benefit from your Google Slides.

Measure the performance of your Google Slides

Candu analytics tracks how many people see and engage with your slide integration so that you can make the changes required for optimization. Candu gives you insight into what types of content, CTAs, messaging, and Google Slides frame locations are the most appealing. Then, if you want to make adaptations, the Candu drag and drop interface makes it easy for anyone to implement --no coding necessary.

use case

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This helps users take ownership of their onboarding, and track their progress to becoming power users.

Brittany Lockwood
Customer Enablement

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