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Drive registrations using Typeform

Get users to sign up for events and webinars by using Typeform. No need to ask for the help of the development department for every marketing event you want users to participate in. With Typeform templates embedded in your app, you can publicize the event and encourage sign-ups, all within a user interface you design and implement by yourself. Candu’s no-code, drag and drop interface makes it easy for anyone to make changes on the fly, so you can optimize user engagement and reach your goals.

Personalize the Typeform registration

It can be a challenge to send invitations to the right type of user. Perhaps they are not interested in the use case or function that is going to be covered. But with Candu’s personalization feature, you can target the correct user persona for your registration efforts. All it takes is a few clicks to choose the traits that you want to determine who sees the registration form.

Measure how your CTAs perform

Not seeing the response that you expected for your event registration forms? With Candu’s built-in analytics, you can figure out where users are not engaging, and then change your CTAs to get a better result. Candu’s drag and drop functionality makes it easy to move registrations to different screen locations, try different CTA messages, or alter the look of the CTA to attract more attention.

use case

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The value in a product isn’t in building it, but in getting it into the hands of customers. We wanted to design something that will draw people’s attention at the right time, in the right context.

Ming Lu
Head of Product

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