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Create Customer Feedback Surveys

Candu’s customer survey template lets you ask questions and receive comments from user groups without requiring your dev team to build a thing. Increase participation with a highlighted CTA embedded on any web app that is automatically rendered to your app’s branding. Build questions on the fly with Candu’s customer survey template, and get to know your users so you can give them what they want.

Customize Your Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Personalize your product based on customer surveys and feedback to create a tailor-made experience for users. Build customer surveys according to user type and get important information from your most valuable clients. Defining a user segment, channeling content to it, and analyzing responses takes only a few clicks in Candu.

Improve Customer Engagement

Use customer service satisfaction survey questions to learn what your customers love and don’t love about your product. Candu’s drag and drop interface makes it a snap to add, delete, and change page elements within seconds, making your UX optimization process convenient and fast. Plus, use Candu’s analytics dashboard to see which of your surveys are engaging users and which are not.

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Our use cases range from improving onboarding to creating custom content for strategic accounts. Candu will materially change the way our enterprise customers view us.

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