Build native onboarding experiences

This is guidance for a growth company.  Welcome to the fast lane.
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Our approach

Pop the pop up!

Candu’s components render with your app’s CSS. So you can embed onboardings as a seamless part of your product experience.

You don't need to cover up your UI when you have the power to change it.
Our commitment

To developers: Set it and forget it.

Developers can set up Candu’s UI components once and leave the updates for the rest of us. Say goodbye to tech debt.
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Create experiences

Build onboarding experiences as awesome as your product

Create with your UI

Build native in-app experiences with flexible drag-and-drop blocks that sync to your CSS. Something not working? Change it yourself.

There’s a template for that

From account onboarding to feature discovery, Candu has you covered. Choose from our library of stunning onboarding experiences.

Collaborate with your team

The best teams are more than the sum of their parts. So are onboarding experiences. Bring together product experience and customer context to create something beautiful.
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Deliver experiences

Onboarding for everyone, customized for anyone

Personalization at scale

No two users are exactly alike, so why should their onboardings be? Decide who sees what, when. Create flexible targeting rules with user attributes, clickstream events and 3rd party integrations.
Learn about Segments

Embed Candu right in your app

Dedicate a place for onboarding in your app. Candu components are embedded, not overlaid, so your users’ experience will be your product experience.
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Improve experiences

Is your onboarding better today than yesterday?

Measurement, managed

Set in-product goals and track how your onboardings drive  product adoption. Once you know your baseline, beat it. Rinse and repeat.

Show me the data

Candu connects what your users see and what features they later adopt, so you can learn how your efforts create outcomes.

Spot on recommendations

Candu learns how different users respond to differet onboardings. Over time, Candu will find the perfect experience for each user.
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Plays well with others


Candu integrates with your product enablement stack: knowledgebases, digital adoption tools, and analytics engines.

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We take security seriously

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