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Design Any UI

Drag and drop your components to build user experiences that power customer onboarding, feature adoption, and more.
Two screenshots using Candu for content creation and analysis.
Our approach

Embed in, not on top

Build UI with your own components
Edit Easily
Candu’s WYSIWYG editor provides the canvas to build your UX design in minutes.
improve, don't overlay
Embed in-line
Inject UI into the page instead of a layer on top of it. Improve your product's frontend with UI components that fit in responsively instead of covering it up.
The Editor

Build anything for anyone

Creating user experiences is as easy as drag, drop & done.
Think outside the box: Create flexible layouts.
Find your format — checklists and cards and carousels, oh my!
Make it engaging: Add images, gifs, and videos.
Words matter: Customize paragraph styles, headings, fonts, and more.
Make it actionable: Put a button on it.
Make it yours: Inject custom code and overrides.
Plays well with others


Candu clicks into your product stack.
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